Über Archie

Elly Bos und Archie
"Saxaphone John Smiths “Archie” is bred by Peter Burton from Saxaphone Kennels in Durham. He is very nicely bred and his pedigree is full of Fieldtrial Champions and very good Working gundogs.
His litter brother is Saxaphone Brown Ale of Lincswolds, who won the IGL Championship in 2014 and who has many other big awards behind his name.
Archie is a very nice and friendly dog. He has a super temperament, is very steady and quiet, something you need to be at Fieldtrials. When he goes out he is very fast and he is stays in touch with you.
He was very easy to train to a high level. He won several Open WT’s, Mocktrials and he runs mainly in open Fieldtrials, where he gained many qualifications.
He was three years in the Dutch team competing at Chatsworth (GB), in 2014 he ran in the winning team. He is now 7,5 years old and he runs a WT or a trial now and  then, but he goes mainly with us picking up.
He is such a pleasant dog to take with you, never fights or looks at other dogs and is only working for you as hard as he can.
We hope we can enjoy many days with him in the field in the future."
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